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Akhil Bhartiya Menaria Brahmin Samaj अखिल भारतीय मेनारिया ब्राह्मण समाज

Menaria is a sub caste of Brahmin Samaj and is also called as 52 Kheda Brahmin. Here Kheda represents Village. In the Indian Cast system the casts are being decided into sub casts after the development of Cast for its local identity. This kind of sub casts were called as Bawan (52) Kheda, Chowalis ( 44 ) Kheda , Solah ( 16 ) Kheda , etc. Though all the sub casts are having almost the same traditions, food , business and other system but why the cats are divided it is a subject of research..
According to a myth it has been said that the division was due to the vast spreading of the society . Since the society had spread very vastly from Marwar to Mewar and Malwa and at that time there were very few sources of transportation , so it made difficult for people of society to communicate and develop relationship. So it was decided firstly that all the functions and programs should be organized on same day and same place for at least 5-6 villages, and also it was decided that representatives from one village can can attend the religious program of any one village. Lately the names like "Bawan Kheda - 52 Kheda" , "Solah Kheda - 16 Kheda", "Chawalis Kheda - 44 Kheda " were being used as per the different Chokhalas, where Chokhla stands for a Baithak or Committee.
The reprentative of "Bavan Khedas - 52 Kheda" were get together at Menar Village, hence the term Menaria comes from the Village Menar. "Chawalish Kheda" "Chobis Kheda" "Solah Kheda" etc. represent Paliwal Brahmins.
Geographically Menaria Samaj was spreded in Girwa (Udaipur) , Vallabhnagar, Chittorgarh, Kapasan, Badi Sadri, Chhoti Sadari, Doongla, Neemach, Mandsaur etc and the Paliwal Samaj is spreded near Kumbhalgarh, Rajsamand, Shri Nathdwara, Gogunda, Girwa and Mavli.

Ref:- menaria derpan nayas

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